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Dig deeper and discover more stories of the brave and their Bibles with these extra Their Sacrifice resources. Take a look at the special edition commemorative Gallipoli Centenary Bible, or purchase our book of stories with more stories, Psalms, hymns and poetry from times of conflict. Here, you can also find out more about our national documentary on Elvas Jenkins and the Bullet in the Bible, and check out our children’s resources to help our young people learn of the courage and sacrifice of Australians through history and in the present day.

  • Children’s Ministry Resource Pack

    If you have trouble downloading, request a CD by contacting rick@biblesociety.org.au


  • History Book



  • The Bible

    First Edition


  • The Book

    Second Edition


  • Their Sacrifice: The brave and their Bibles

    A collection of stories, prayers, hymns, poetry and Psalms to help you reflect on the tragedy of war

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  • Postcard Pack

    Remember their stories with these postcard mementos


  • Bookmark

    A Their Sacrifice gift for you


  • Get their stories

    Download our showcased stories to read at your leisure.


  • Bullet in the Bible DVD

    A documentary retracing the journey of the Bible that saved the life of WW1 digger Elvas Jenkins.

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  • CEV Gallipoli Centenary Bible

    Limited edition Gallipoli Centenary Bible incl. stories of courage & faith from times of conflict.

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  • Captains of the Soul: A History of Australian Army Chaplains

    Dr Michael Gladwin presents a comprehensive account of Australian Army chaplains.